Friday, 13 June 2014

1.What two conventions have I used & Why?
Conventions are: Mix of content, Aspiration tone, Direct mode of address & model or celebrity on the front cover.
2.What are the effects of my Layout, Typography, Colour choice and Language Choice
Effect means what does it say to the audience. Essentially you need to talk about the connotations of all of these things.

Layout - Is it symmetrical (ordered and sophisticated) or asymmetrical (chaotic and youthful). What Balance does it have? (refer to your past work on balance)

Typography: Is is serif or sans serif? Does it cover hand writing?

Language: Have you use exlamatives (exclamation marks), alliteration (multiple words with the same letter), imperatives (a command) or a pun (a funny play on words)?

3.What issues of representation have I presented?

Issues are potential problems that can be seen by the representation that you have presented. 

The Magazine is a lifestyle, the most obvious give away of that would be in the MastHead, 'Easy Living'. The model, Kylie Monogue is well known for being a singer and as time goes on she is starting to get a little old, so having her as a model could engage readers to know were she is now, one of the cover lines is 'Kylie Monogue, 40 and Fabulous.' this would really engage readers to know what  is her secreter to looking 'Fabulous.' 'What You're Friends really think of you.' this cover-line is a Form of Direct address with words such as 'You're' and 'You' are words aimed at the reader so they can feel as if they're being spoken to.  

The Magazine uses a very bland colors for the font of the cover-lines are very bland and boring this could be considered to for feel the stereotype  of life style magazines which is a bland and boring magazine, they may have done this because it helps readers or buyers recognize it is a life Style Magazine. The fonts are normally big when the use of Direct Address is used, so it is almost shouting at the readers.

One issue of the representation 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

tHE CONVENTIONS of the magazine would be the use of direct address, the picture shows a female showing direct address this leaves the reader engaged as if the picture is aimed at them. As a Actress is on the picture it might leave readers curious to know what going on in her life.

The font varies a lot but all fit in to the genre of the magazine, The title is red with a white font, this is appropriate to the magazine as the it is called 'Red'. The messages are normally starting with 'your', this displays the use of direct address which will engage readers and leave the message being aimed towards them. The font is san serif which gives readers a first impression that it is a dun magazine. The font is informal at times 'Pj's' This leaves the reader conformable and understanding about the language.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

This is my Magazine Cover, aimed at Teenager Girls, From the age of 13-15.
I have attempted to use Feminine but teen affect with my font choice.
WWW: mY Font was  a good authentic teenage font, The Main Image represents female as it's a women as the Main IMage.

EBI: Usually I Would need more fonts but with My Magazine  it Works Fine.     

Thursday, 13 February 2014

tHIS IS a car magazine called What Car? 
The title is red suggesting it is bright, full of energy and engage readers.
The Back round is white which is quite bland but can make other colors more engaging.
The Cover-line is Bold, Black and Big it is about the same size as the tile suggesting it is the main topic of the magazine.

This is a film review magazine called Empire.
The title is red, Big and Bold suggesting it is appealing to film lovers.
The Background  is a dark blue suggesting the background picture is dark 
The Cover-line  is big but not as big as the title.

This is a food magazine called fine Cooking.
The title is blue and big appealing to food lovers.
The background is bright suggesting it has a light energy.
The cover is big and bold making readers appeal to there magazine.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Colour Connotations in magazines.

Different colors can convey  different meanings or connotations to the viewer.

Sport: Red because it is a sign of 'physical energy, Vitality, Stamina, Grounding, Spontaneity, Stability and Passion' these all represent sport suggesting sports fans will be interested in a red sports magazine.
Gaming: Yellow because it could indicate a bit of logic and creative engaging gamers to buy there magazine.
Ponies: Green because it means harmony, balance and love brining pony lovers interested in their magazine.

Friday, 31 January 2014


Monday, 20 January 2014

Cover lines for a teenage girls magazine.
. Popularity is catching.
. How to impress a boy.
. Become the new the cool.
. A boy's hidden secret.
.  Discover the real One Direction.
. Teenage tips.
. Lose your stomach.
. Become the girl of your dreams.
. Make fashion your passion. 
.  Men can't resist 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Modern: I chose 'Amazdoom' because it represents  gaming which is modern to newer  day society.
Kids: I chose the font Besttoies which looks a lot like a nursery school font for kids.
Sport: I chose this font because it is seen on various amounts of american football jerseys which is sporty.