Sunday, 22 September 2013

I wake up with a droning ringing noise from the side of me, it is my agonizingly annoying alarm clock; I lazily fall out of bed and gradually walk down stairs. When I eventually get down stairs I make breakfast and read the morning newspaper. When I've finished breakfast I walk upstairs; I start to get dressed with loud music playing behind me to wake me up more. I'm now set for school. When  I've eventually left the house, I rush to my nearest  bus stop and just about get to the bus phew. As I'm on the bus I see a lot of advertisements on bus stops and other buses. I get home from a long day at school and conclude my day with entertaining TV.

I wake up at about 1 pm and go down stairs for breakfast. I finish breakfast and immediately go upstairs and play four hours of Fifa 13, that game never tires me. I later watch a film with the family; the film was tense and exciting but not my dads cup of tea. I am extremely tired at about midnight so I normally just listen to music till I go to sleep.         

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