Thursday, 17 October 2013

these statements are identifying that women are in some ways slaves to men, they enter a business that intends to  pleasure men and men alone. A lot of women chose to go into the businesses for fame or for money and the rare case of trying to get near the artist. Women are often used to act sexually by video directors to get more people to view or inspire to the video, they can also try and gain profiting in advertisements. Theses videos have raised a lot of eyebrow's to the older viewers; it has cause them some concern on weather the younger society will take notes and copy these explicit videos. It has also raised the thought of younger men being brain washed into thinking that it is okay to treat women as if  it is okay to touch and talked to them like they do in these video's. Women are being used like this more frequently in the music industry which is causing wrought over sexism appeals, this is not how music intended to end up like.


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